The pillars of service that make retail prosper

"Always keep in mind the old retail adage: customers remember the service a lot longer than they remember the Price."

-Lauren Freedman, President of the E-tailing Group

5 Pillars of Service

Real Results. Real Customers. Real Reviews.

1 Speed

89% of customers consider speed of response and speed of resolution to be the most important aspects of a customer service experience.

Customers want instant, thorough resolutions any time of day. Thankful responds with the right action in seconds, just like a human working at machine-speed. Your human agents will have more time to address high-level requests, speeding up your ticket queue for all issues - not just the ones Thankful handles.

2 Understanding

Having to explain their problem to multiple people is considered poor customer service by 72% of customers.

Your customers phrase the same problem hundreds of different ways, often without ever using words like return, package tracking, cancel order, or exchange. Our Natural Language Processing is specifically built and trained for ecommerce, enabling Thankful to understand issues without forcing your customers to learn how to “speak computer” in order to be understood.

3 Problem-Solving

67% of customer churn can be prevented if issues are resolved the first time they occur.

Your customers don’t just want to be understood, they want their problems to be solved. Thankful is the only AI that integrates with both your helpdesk and your ecommerce and subscription management tools, enabling Thankful to resolve common issues like returns, exchanges, shipping troubles, and over 45 more problem types.

4 Consistency

87% of customers think brands need to provide a more consistent customer service experience.

A customer service solution should expand on your process, not experiment with it. Thankful never forgets a customer, product, or process. It uses this knowledge as context to tailor personalized responses that provide satisfying resolutions every time.

5 Empathy

Customers will spend up to 23% more for great customer care.

Ultimately, your customers want to feel cared for. Thankful does not see your customers as tickets, it sees them as humans and treats them as such. Through customer knowledge and custom workflows, Thankful delivers personalized experiences that ensure customers feel valued, appreciated, and heard.

It takes a lot to acquire a customer — it takes Thankful to keep them happy.

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