Generative AI for Ecommerce Customer Service

Access the benefits of GPT-powered technology while enforcing brand policies and standards.

Generative AI for Genuine Interactions

Say goodbye to generic, one-size-fits-all solutions - Thankful’s generative AI is equipped with industry-specific models for retail and ecommerce. Thankful’s AI models leverage GPT to deliver unparalleled personalization, empathy, understanding, control, and contextually relevant support responses.

You’re in Control

Thankful’s no-code experience builder, FlowsNext, makes it easy to build and manage customer service workflows. Our policy controls and full suite of ecommerce integrations enable businesses to maintain brand standards while delivering seamless interactions powered by generative AI.

Deep Learning for Deep Understanding

Gain a deeper understanding of what your customers want, how they are feeling and why with GPT-powered sentiment and topic detection. In addition to accurately scoring customers’ sentiment, urgency, and effort, Thankful includes both cause and reasons for the sentiment and can identify words and conversations based on topics.

Respond and Resolve

Thankful’s GPT-powered AI Agent retrieves information from backend systems, makes changes to orders, and replies to customers with empathy, all while perfectly enforcing policies and using the brand’s voice.

Elevate Your Agents’ Productivity

As human agents tackle any transferred tickets, ChatGPT is able to assist with rephrasing replies, asking the right questions, and summarizing notes.

Unlock the power of generative AI