Take control of conversations with Thankful’s no-code customer experience builder, FlowsNext

By leveraging best-in-class AI with ChatGPT, brands are empowered to blend the personal responses generative AI offers with Thankful’s policy controls and full suite of ecommerce integrations.

Master the Art of Interactions

What used to take weeks or months of engineering work can now be accomplished in hours by anyone in customer support – no flow charts necessary - delivering all the cost benefits of automation without sacrificing the quality of service that customers demand.


FlowsNext empowers you to create customer service workflows in 4 easy steps–Create the conversation flow for each contact reason, set brand policies, preview the experience, and publish. No code. No limits.


Decision trees for customer support flows are a thing of the past. Build customer response flows in hours, not weeks. Implement a cost-effective support solution while experiencing faster time to value.


Complex brand policies? No problem! Modifications and maintenance is made easy for non-technical team members to meet your customer’s expectations and your brand’s standards.


FlowsNext workflows can change as fast as your SOPs do. Make changes in minutes to the moments that matter.

A Scalable Customer Experience At Your Fingertips