AI Agent

Trained and tailored for your business, Thankful’s AI Agent works within your existing helpdesk to effortlessly resolve large volumes of customer queries across email, chat, SMS, and in-app channels.

With the ability to understand, connect, solve, personalize, and inform, Thankful’s AI Agent is GPT-powered and delivers a human-like service experience with machine-like speed and expertise that’s born to scale.

See AI Agent in action


Trained by in-house specialists with millions of data points, Thankful’s best-in-class Natural Language Processing achieves a level of nuanced understanding that is not possible with self-trained or brand-trained systems. Thankful’s AI Agent also leverages ChatGPT to better understand what your customers want and deliver a human-like experience.


Just like a human agent, Thankful’s AI Agent works within your helpdesk and communicates with your existing business systems to receive, understand, and take action on tickets.


Thankful’s AI Agent fully resolves over 50 types of customer requests; handling even the most complex policies, processes, and procedures.


Never forgetting a customer or their history with your brand, Thankful’s AI Agent delivers tailored responses and truly personalized experiences every time.


Recording data in real time, Thankful’s AI Agent tracks advanced customer service analytics that give you better insight into the root causes and effects of customer queries.