Thankful engages and enhances your entire customer service ecosystem.

AI Agent

Trained and tailored for your business, Thankful’s AI Agent works within your existing helpdesk to effortlessly resolve large volumes of customer queries across email, chat, SMS, and in-app channels. With the ability to understand, connect, solve, personalize, and inform, Thankful’s AI Agent delivers a human-like service experience with machine-like speed and expertise that’s born to scale.

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Agent Assist

Thankful’s Agent Assist delivers AI intuition for your human support staff, saving them time and effort by collating all the relevant information and even suggesting responses and next actions.

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With real-time data, reports and alerts, from the voice of the customer, every customer problem becomes an opportunity for the brand to improve the customer experience. Our data tool can help unlock CSAT trends, operational issues, fraud alerts, and more. Now you can A/B test every policy and process assumption before it’s set in stone.

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