How it Works


Thankful Understands

Best-in-class Natural Language Processing understands what your customers want.


Thankful Connects

Thankful gathers the information to resolve the problem just like a human would; such as collecting statuses from your ecommerce system, shipping carrier, or subscription management system.


Thankful Solves

Thankful fully resolves over 50 types of customer requests.

  1. Ask Forms of Payment
  2. Ask Inventory
  3. Ask Signed Delivery
  4. Ask Store Locations
  5. Ask Where Products Made
  6. Automated Message
  7. Cancel Order
  8. Cancel Subscription
  9. Change Billing Address
  10. Change Credit to Refund
  11. Change Discount Code
  12. Change Order
  13. Change Payment Method
  14. Change Shipping Address
  15. Change Shipping Option
  16. Change Subscription Preferences
  17. Change Subscription Tier
  18. Change Subscription Timing
  19. Customer Feedback
  20. Damaged Shipment
  21. Delete Account
  22. Digital Download Issue
  23. Exchange Item
  24. Exchange Status
  25. Forgot Password
  26. Get Customer Record
  27. Hold Shipment
  28. How to Use Coupon Code or Credit
  29. How to Use Gift Card
  30. Incorrect Item Received
  31. International Shipping
  32. Invalid Discount Code
  33. Job Application
  34. Late Delivery
  35. Missing Package
  36. Order Confirmation Request
  37. Out of Office
  38. Package Item Missing
  39. Pause Subscription
  40. Pre-order Ship Estimation
  41. Press or Collaboration
  42. Product Information Request
  43. Refund Status
  44. Repair Item
  45. Request Discount Code
  46. Reship Order
  47. Return Gift
  48. Return Order
  49. Return Policy
  50. Return Status
  51. Sample Request
  52. Sizing Question
  53. Track Order
  54. Unsubscribe

Thankful Personalizes

Configurable workflows enable personalized engagements to replicate your brand personality and existing processes.


Thankful Tests

Optimize your customers’ experience with A/B testing of language and response flows.


Thankful Informs

Advanced customer
service analytics
give you better
insight into the root
causes and effects
of customer queries.