Thankful - How it Works
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Complete control, instant feedback

See Thankful's impact in real-time

Thankful's dashboard gives you total control over Thankful's behavior and appearance. Through the dashboard you can modify scripts, manage your team, and monitor Thankful's accuracy and impact over time.

The 10-minute video above will introduce you to the major sections of the dashboard, teach you the basics of how Thankful works, and show you how to customize Thankful.

Advanced script-building

Powerful analytics

Automatic learning

Thankful gets smarter on its over time, saving you thousands of hours training your own machine learning models.

Detailed Metrics

See exactly how much time and money Thankful saves you every month. Identify your most common actions, monitor Thankful's accuracy and more.


Q&A auto-replies

Answer common customer questions instantly, either providing the answer directly or linking the customer to a specific article in your knowledge base.

Information gathering

Collect information from customers before your agents ever see the ticket, ensuring your agents have everything they need to complete the transaction.

Ticket routing

Tag and route tickets, ensuring they're delivered to the correct agents instantly and enabling advanced reporting of request categories.

eCommerce actions

Process returns, exchanges, track orders, update subscriptions and more with integrations into popular eCommerce platforms.

Advanced scripts

Guide customers through multi-step conversations, enforcing business rules and integrating into custom backend systems with webhooks.

Team management

Invite team members, revoke access, and give different levels of access to managers as needed directly from the dashboard.

Hey John, The sneakers I bought at your Denvrr store last week don't fit... I need to send them back for a 9.5. Thanks! Bob Smith
(Try hovering over the highlighted terms.)

How Thankful thinks

  1. A message arrives in your helpdesk through the usual channels: email, SMS, or chat.
  2. Thankful translates the message, corrects spelling, and transforms it into a machine-friendly format in a process called tokenization.
  3. Using neural networks, Thankful identifies key people, places, times, and more, an approach called Named Entity Recognition (NER).
  4. Thankful calculates document vectors across 300 dimensions to classify the request with record-breaking accuracy, even when requests contain words Thankful's never seen before.
  5. Based on that classification, Thankful engages the customer in a conversation, collecting information, enforcing business rules, and replying in your brand voice.
  6. When the customer is satisfied, Thankful marks the ticket as solved, and your agents never need to deal with it, saving time and money.



Thankful integrates into popular helpdesks to automate your tickets as they arrive and hand off seamlessly to agents. Since Thankful integrates directly into your existing helpdesk, your agents don't have to learn anything new; everything stays the same for agents, except they see 20-50% fewer open tickets than before. Integrate Thankful today into Zendesk, Freshdesk, Help Scout,, or Kustomer.


Having integrations into all major eCommerce platforms gives Thankful the ability to automate returns, exchanges, order tracking and more in minutes. Integrate Thankful into Shopify, Magento, or Spree, with more eCommerce platforms added frequently.

Zendesk Freshdesk Help Scout Kustomer Shopify Magento Spree
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