How It Works

A breakthrough fusion of deep learning and expert systems.

The Thankful platform is made up of three products: AI Agent, Agent Assist, and Insight. Implemented individually or in conjunction with one another, these products enhance your customer service processes through Thankful’s four key elements:

  • Understanding

  • Resolution

  • Personalization

  • Intelligence

  • Understanding

  • Resolution

  • Personalization

  • Intelligence

A breakthrough fusion of
Deep Learning and expert systems

AI Agent

Taking action to fully resolve a significant percentage of customer queries without human support, Thankful’s AI Agent can handle even the most complex policies, processes, and procedures directly within your helpdesk.

  • Understands

  • Personalizes

  • Connects

  • Tests

  • Solves

  • 51%

    reduction in planned customer support hiring

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  • 55%

    reduction in customer wait times

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  • 81%

    improvement in overall time to first response

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  • 99.3%

    is Thankful's AI CSAT Score

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  • 100%

    clearance rate for ticketed backlogs

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Agent Assist

Thankful’s Agent Assist delivers AI intuition for your human support staff, saving them time and effort by collating all the relevant information and even suggesting responses and next actions. It empowers them to provide quicker and more accurate high-quality service resolutions.

  • Intelligent Routing

  • Translation

  • Sentiment Detection

  • Ticket Merging

  • Surface Customer Data

  • Gather and Record Data


Participating as a member of your team, Thankful’s real-time stats are available alongside your support team, offering a unified view of all support metrics.Thankful’s data tool can help unlock trends, operational issues, fraud alerts, and more.

  • Visualizes Data

  • Recognizes Trends

  • Stores Customer Data

  • Gathers Business Intelligence