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Scale Your Service For The Holiday Rush

This holiday season is anticipated to have the largest digital retail push in history. Is your business ready for a surge in support tickets? Learn how you can scale your service for the seasonal rush. 


The Pre-Pandemic Customer vs. The Now Customer

A lot has changed in the past year and a half, but one thing remains true: customer expectations only go up!  Download our infographic to discover the impact the pandemic has had on CX standards and what your business needs to know about the Now Customer.

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Best-In-Class Natural Language Processing

Discover what makes Thankful's Natural Language Processing best-in-class.


Be Everywhere Your Customers Want You To Be

Give your customers the power to choose how, when, and where they contact you. Discover why omnichannel customer service is a necessity and how you can deliver high quality CX across the five major support channels. 

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5 Ways AI Automation Provides More Personalization At Scale

More automation in customer service doesn't mean less personalization! Learn 5 ways leveraging AI automation offers more individualized experiences at scale. 

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The Future is Here: AI in Customer Service

Uncover the trends to see the impact AI is having, and will continue to have, on the customer service industry.

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Why AI?

82% of CX professionals say AI is increasingly necessary for business success. Discover (some of) the top reasons leading companies are using AI for customer service. 

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Key Market Trends

Deliver tomorrow's customer service today. We've collated the top CX trends so you can get ahead. 

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Zendesk + Thankful Top 10 Use Cases

Wouldn’t it be nice if you woke up tomorrow and 30%+ of your customer inquiries were already taken care of? Download our Top 10 Use Cases to find out how tech stacking Thankful + Zendesk is your dream CX solution!

Case Study

Bonafide Case Study

How Bonafide saves time on high volumes of subscription-related tickets and enables their human agents to focus on building connections with customers. 

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Agent Assist

Help your agents help your customers! Discover Thankful's Agent Assist product and how it supports your agents and saves them time. 

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Bombas Case Study

How Bombas decreased their overall time to first response by 81% and made their non-traditional returns process frictionless for their agents.

Case Study

Blenders Eyewear Case Study

How Blenders Eyewear reduced their 2021 seasonal hiring projections by up to 68% and cut their year-round hiring effort by 51%. 

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The Future of Customer Service Report

What will the future of customer service look like and what does your business need to do to get ahead?  To help you prepare for what is to come, we’ve collated the top customer service trends of the next 3 to 5 years. 


Thankful + Gladly Partnership

We are teaming up with Gladly so you can get the best of AI automation while operating within a customer service platform that empowers your agents to place people at the heart of your conversations! Get the details on this integration and discover how it will benefit both your customers and agents. 

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The Power of Proactive Service and How To Provide It

With customer service standards higher than ever,  it is not enough to stand by and wait for customers to come to you. Learn the power of proactive service and get expert-backed tips on how to deliver proactive customer support. 

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Enhance Your Customer Service With AI Automation

Want to take your customer service to the next level? From reducing customer wait times to enabling personalization, here are 5 of the key ways AI automation can elevate your customer service. 

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Best Practices for Breaking Down the Customer Service Backlog

Backlog is a major pain point for customer service teams and when poorly managed it can result in negative CSAT. Discover expert-backed tips to minimize ticket buildup, plus how to breakdown an overwhelming backlog.

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How AI Automation is Beneficial For Your Customer Service Agents

AI automation isn't meant to replace your customer service team, but to augment their performance. Learn how your agents (and ultimately your business) benefit from AI automation.

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4 Keys to Implementing AI Automation in Customer Service

Integrating AI automation into your customer service may seem intimidating, but the right partner and plan can make all the difference. Ensure you get the results you're looking for by following these steps. 

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2021 Customer Service Trends & Insights

Customer service, artificial intelligence, and digital strategy will be more impactful than ever in 2021. We pulled key customer experience statistics for the upcoming year, so you can stay on top of the trends. 

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Handling the Holiday Return Rush

Holiday returns are going to be higher than ever, and so are your customers' expectations! Set your team up for success with these 7 steps. 

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Post-Holiday Return Rush

Returns are anticipated to be higher than ever this holiday season. Will your business be ready? Discover the key insights for what's to come post-holidays.

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8 Ways To Boost Your Customer Service Team's Spirit This Holiday Season

Customer service queries are up 75% around the holidays; no wonder it's a stressful time for holiday support teams! We teamed up with Cooleaf, the experts in employee engagement, to bring you a guide with ways to boost your agents' morale and keep them motivated this holiday season.

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How-To Handle 2020 Holiday Season Setbacks

The holidays are always a busy time for customer support teams, but the 2020 holiday season has its unique set of challenges. We've identified the 5 main setbacks and provide expert-backed tips on how to set your support team up for success. 

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Head Start On The Holidays

With the pandemic affecting 84% of consumers' shopping behavior this season; holiday shopping is going to be different this year! We pulled the key trends so you can prepare your business for what's to come. 

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6 Ways to Empower Your Customer Support Team

Your customer service agents are crucial to the success of your business; they deserve to feel valued and appreciated. Here are six expert-endorsed ways to invest in your support team. 

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3 Reasons to Use AI for Customer Service

Learn key reasons why integrating AI into your customer service process can make a powerful difference for your customers, support team, and revenue. 

Case Study

Pura Vida Case Study

How Pura Vida effectively scaled during rapid growth and reduced customer wait times by 55%. 

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COVID-19: The Great Digital Accelerator

The digital age is here: brands that don't keep up will be left behind! We gathered the pre-pandemic data and identified the digital trends brought on by the "new normal".

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Thankful Actions

Discover the 50+ types of customer requests that Thankful fully resolves. 

Case Study

Lumin Case Study

How Lumin cleared their backlog of tickets and reduced time to first response by 16 hours and 54 minutes - all while managing extreme ticket volume growth.

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How Remote Learning Will Impact Consumer Behavior

Insight into how students and parents will be shopping and what they will be buying this back-to-school season. 

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COVID-19: Return Rush

We pulled together the numbers highlighting the impact COVID-19 has on e-commerce. As a bonus, our team of customer service experts provide the best practices for handling pandemic-era returns. 

Case Study

MeUndies Case Study

How MeUndies continues to provide industry-leading customer service while experiencing exponential growth.