Integrate With Almost Everything

Thankful seamlessly integrates with your existing helpdesk, e-commerce engine, and business processing tools. Integrations are viable with (just about) everything - we even build out custom integrations!

Waste No Time

Thankful leverages information from many systems to respond to customers and resolve their inquiries - and we make the integration to those required systems the easiest process in the space. We already have deep integrations with most helpdesks, shipping carriers, shopping carts, order management systems, and subscription systems; saving time and your company’s precious tech resources.

Custom Integrations

We’ll Take From Here

We understand that your time and resources are limited, so Thankful takes on the heavy lifting for integrations and response flow planning with your team’s guidance and direction.

Always in Control

Our deployment and success team are experts in best practices for customer service response-flows but your team is always in control of the process, the policies, and the language used.