Thankful adds even more intelligence to your Zendesk

With Thankful handling large volumes of your email, chat, and text message tickets on Zendesk, your agents can concentrate on super-serving customers and increasing their lifetime value to the company.

The Benefits of Thankful and Zendesk

Thankful’s deep integration with Zendesk enables our AI Agent to operate inside Zendesk exactly like a human agent does: replying to tickets, routing, adding tags and dispositions, merging tickets, and gathering additional information to support your other agents. Since Thankful participates as another agent in Zendesk, all your existing tools, reports, and analytics work seamlessly to include Thankful. Your agents don’t need to learn anything new, they just have to welcome their new team member - one that’s handling a large volume of Tier 1 problems and queries.

You can use Zendesk triggers and workflow automation with Thankful at any point during a conversation rather than just at the end. Agents can oversee what’s happening in real-time and can take over by just replying to the user.

In addition, The Thankful + Zendesk partnership also exclusively empowers brands to merge tickets with the same topic from the same customer, a key time saving feature especially at peak season.

Zendesk customers trust Thankful to power their intelligent automation

“We assumed our processes were too complex and our demands too high for any software to work for us. Thankful is the only technology that is able to achieve and surpass the high standards of quality we, and our customers, have for us.”

-Ro Nattiv, Sr. Customer Experience Manager

Integrate in Minutes

Thankful can be integrated with your Zendesk in under 20 minutes, enabling our AI to analyze your tickets and highlight opportunities for intelligent automation. Thankful team then works to determine the potential impact on customer service.

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