Transform your customer service with Thankful’s Kustomer integration

Thankful works directly in Kustomer: replying to tickets and adding notes and tags with the disposition of a human agent.

The Benefits of Thankful and Kustomer

With Thankful, you have a true partnership. Thankful trains the AI on your behalf and leverages large ticket volume deep learning, continually reviewing results to improve the total engagement for your customers.

When integrated with Kustomer, Thankful has the ability to gather information through Kustomer, OMS, CRM, 3rd party tools, and more. This context enables Thankful’s AI Agent to deliver personalized resolutions across all channels.

All actions taken by Thankful are directly captured by Kustomer, so Thankful participates in measurement and analytics the same as a human agent. Combining true deep learning intent analysis with button-selection options enables you to communicate with your customers at the highest level.

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