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Thankful integrates directly into Desk to automate your tickets. Just like any tier-1 representative, Thankful will see new tickets come in, automatically reply to and close the ones it can, and handoff any tickets for which it hasn’t been trained to handle to your other representatives.

You can integrate Thankful into Desk with a few short steps.

  1. First go to your integrations in Thankful, add the Desk integration, and ensure you’ve filled in your Desk subdomain. For example, if you log into Desk via then your subdomain is your-company. Hit “Save” before continuing. Take note of the Request URL, as we’ll need that later.

  2. After saving, click the “Authorize” button, and log in to Desk using an admin’s credentials.

  3. Now Thankful is able to reply to tickets, but we’ll need to configure Desk to notify Thankful of new customer messages. To do that, we’re going to install Thankful as a custom action in Desk. In your Desk admin portal, click on “Apps”, then in “Browse Apps” look for Custom Action and install it.

  1. Name your custom action something helpful, like Thankful. Use the None authentication method, and paste the Request URL that Thankful gave you in step 1 in the URL field. Ensure Active is checked and click “Create.”

  1. Now add a custom action to the Thankful app. Name it something helpful, like Notify Thankful.

  1. Copy and paste the following exactly as it appears here, as well as the rest of the settings in the image below.
  "ticket_id": "{{}}",
  "thread_id": "{{case.thread_id}}",
  "customer_id": "{{}}"

  1. Now go to Cases -> Rules -> Inbound Interactions and add a rule. Name it something helpful, like Notify Thankful.

  1. Ensure the rule options are exactly as pictured, then click “Save.”

That’s it! You’ve integrated Thankful with Desk.