Thankful works with all written channels, delivering a human-like experience and fully resolving customer issues via email, chat, social, SMS, and in-app.

A Channel for Every Customer

Each customer has their own preference when it comes to how they want to get a hold of customer support. Today’s customers want to have every contact option available for their choosing. This means being everywhere your customers are and delivering support via email, chat, social media, SMS and in-app. Not only does Thankful make this possible, but we ensure that the service provided is exceptional and consistent across all text-based channels.

A truly mobile service experience

Meet your customers wherever they are, whenever they need you. Today’s customers are always on-the-go and in search of solutions that don’t hold them back from their busy lives. Thankful’s SMS support eliminates the need to wait by the computer. Now customers can have access to exceptional service in the palm of their hand.

The most intimate customer channel

According to TaskUs, nearly 80% of customers would have a more positive view of companies that they can contact via SMS and in-app messaging. These communication channels are what the customers want and will soon be what they expect. Thankfully, Thankful’s technology is ahead of the curve.

A personalized touch

Easier access to your brand means customers are reaching out more often. According to a recent Forrester report, over half of all companies say they’ve experienced a volume increase from last year and over three-quarters expect that number to increase further next year. Thankful enables Customer Service departments to meet Service Level Agreements within budget.