Thankful works with all written channels, delivering a human-like experience and fully resolving customer issues via email, chat, social, SMS, and in-app.

A Channel for Every Customer

Each customer has their own preference when it comes to how they want to get a hold of customer support. Today’s customers want to have every contact option available for their choosing. This means being everywhere your customers are and delivering support via email, chat, social media, SMS and in-app. Not only does Thankful make this possible, but we ensure that the service provided is exceptional and consistent across all text-based channels.

Improve customer satisfaction by
adding intelligent automation
to chat conversations

Ensure a better relationship with your customers by giving them the higher quality conversations in chat. Chat is the most informal and immediate way for a customer and company to communicate. Thankful’s superior AI better understands what your customer wants and can deliver the answers your customers need. With Thankful handling so many repetitive tasks, your agents are freed up to perform higher value interactions.

Real-time one-on-one conversations
via your helpdesk chat.

Thankful is already integrated with Zendesk chat, Intercom, Salesforce, Gladly, and Kustomer chat to make it easy to add intelligent automation into the chat channel. Thankful can also support multiple helpdesks for a single brand (ie Zendesk for email and Intercom for chat, or different helpdesks for different regions).


Thankful can provide product, service or feature recommendations, and automate FAQs; answering questions about payment options, store locations, product manufacturing, and beyond.

A different chatbot experience

When brands require more control over the customer journey, Thankful offers its own unique chatbot app, enabling greater functionality. Thankful’s AI Agent is totally customizable to fit your brand messaging. We leverage our best-in-class natural language processing, designed to understand intent from free-form text to better understand what your customers want in chat. Our dynamic response flows deliver the answers your customer needs with personalization that makes them feel valued.

No code, no problem!

Unlike other chatbots, Thankful requires no coding or training on the company’s end. Thankful performs both the intent training and response flow creation, and our training models have already proven to be the most accurate in the business.

Total control and Brand Consistency

From initial greeting to the final response, the language Thankful’s AI Agent uses is totally customizable to fit your brand messaging, ensuring it’s on-brand any time, every time.

Seamless Escalation to Human Agents

Our AI agents are designed to work seamlessly with your support agents. If we can’t take the problem to full resolution (because we don’t have access to the necessary system or we have not been provisioned to take the final step), the AI Agent collects all the information necessary and hands it off to a human agent. We can even suggest a reply…

Actionable Analytics

You can view the performance of Thankful’s AI Agent via your Zendesk analytics or any other tool such as Stella Connect. Thankful also provides access to it’s own dashboard for a more in-depth view of intent classifications and actionable data from the unstructured voice of the customer that can be used to improve the overall customer journey.