Why You Should Text Your Customers

McKay Borbon | Content Marketing Manager

An underused channel but growing trend for customer service is texting. You may wonder: should you really text your customers? The answer is yes! 


Today's customers are always on-the-go and in search of solutions that don't hold them back from their busy lives. Since customers are already using SMS daily, having the option to text a company for support is ultra-convenient.


Still not convinced? Did you know 9 out of 10 customers want to text message a business? You read that right; your customers want to contact your support team via SMS! 


Here are 3 reasons customers like to text brands:


  • 1. It offers a friendly feel
  • Customers who correspond via texting feel like they’re chatting with a friend. It creates a more "relaxed" experience and helps boost their connection with your brand.


  • 2. Speed and convenience
  • Just as customers text their partner or best friend, they can text you when it’s most convenient for them. Similar to live chat, it’s a fast way to get their issue resolved. However, it doesn't require them to wait by their computer for their issue to be resolved. With SMS support, customers can continue to go about their busy days while they communicate while their service needs are taken care of. 


  • 3. Easy to follow and track
  • Let's face it; most of us are attached to our phones. Providing SMS support makes your agents more easily accessible for your customers. And any information they may need is just a few taps away. Tracking numbers, troubleshooting answers, and subscription details are all right in their phone for easy reference. SMS also includes notifications that your customers will actually see. 


The SMS Surge

Many people are already seeking customer service via SMS and it won't be long before even more are onboard. It's not a surprise considering the insanely fast rate at which text messaging has risen in popularity. Over the past decade, it has grown more than 7,700%! Today, over 5 billion people are sending and receiving text messages daily.


Americans are now texting twice as much as they are making phone calls and it is the most common form of communication for people under 50. Needless to say, SMS is where it's at!


Brands that aren't offering SMS support are missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with their customers. Texting allows customers to reach out to companies anytime and anywhere. It makes service experiences accessible and convenient. There is also a comfortability that comes with text messaging. By leveraging this more personal form of communication, companies have a greater ability to build relationships and boost loyalty.


Not to mention, SMS support is essential for brands that are looking to provide a true omnichannel experience. When customers are unable to contact a brand via their communication method of choice, they are forced into using a channel that they don't want to use. This could lead to less than desirable CSAT scores and potentially drive customers away from your brand. 


Given the continuously-rising popularity of text messaging and how many customers want to text brands for support, brands should start focusing on their SMS service strategy sooner rather than later!


To learn more about SMS, the other major support channels, and how you can offer exceptional omnichannel support, download our free ebook! 


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McKay Borbon | Content Marketing Manager

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