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Why You Should Give Your Customers The Freedom of Choice

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Customers are always on the hunt for the best services, solutions, and custom products. And service is no different. Your customers want to choose how and when they get in touch with your service team. Their lifestyle, schedules, and devices dictate what they need to make their experience with your brand enjoyable and seamless.


But isn’t live chat enough?

While live chat is indispensable, a single channel won’t bring you success (sorry, it’s not that simple). Forcing your customers into chat not only limits your ability to assist them, but could drive them away from your brand altogether. In fact, 62% of customers desire email over every other channel — and many brands (and even AI providers) are missing this opportunity altogether. 


Offer what every customer wants:

Your brand should focus on what your customers want — not what you want. Millennials and Gen Z are more likely to buy from brands with mobile and social media customer support, while others want email or even text messages from their favorite brands. By offering omnichannel options, you not only ensure each customer can reach you, but that they reach you in a way that works best for them.


Choice means power:

Giving customers the freedom of choice shows that you embrace this new power dynamic that puts their wants and needs first. When a customer feels in control of their experience, they’re more satisfied, engaged, and empowered.


Aim for consistency:

Providing service across all channels fosters hyper-connected customers — but the service needs to be consistent and exceptional across each outlet. Your responsiveness, empathy, and brand voice should be mirrored across all platforms.


With omnichannel support (ideally 24/7), your customers will be delighted, at ease, and more ready to buy than ever.

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