What Netflix's "You" Taught Us About Customer Obsession

Crystal Romero | Director of Content

Hello, you. 

Based on your vibe, you're a CX leader. You have a keen sense of knowing how to make people feel taken care of. You’re interested in learning how to improve and optimize every step of the customer journey. And I thank you. 

Joe Goldberg from Netflix's You

Customer experience wisdom can come from parts of Buddhism to pop culture and everything in between. If you're a serial Netflix watcher (ok, binger) like us then you’ve probably seen the show, You. Wildly enough, if you really pay attention and open your mind, the main character, Joe Goldberg, offers some insightful and interesting tips about CX.


I’m sure you're wondering what a compulsive, deadly obsessive bookstore manager could teach you about the world of customer support? Follow us along to learn how to transform Joe’s crazed obsessions into a powerful (and healthy) form of customer obsession.


You Have a Way With Customers, I’m Just Like You Joe Goldberg from Netflix's You

In every pursuit of his obsessions, Joe uses social media and the internet to become close to his subjects and develops a deeper understanding of their behaviors. He removes any obstacle, no matter how big or small that stands in the way of him and his conquest. 


Let’s flip this into a lesson about customer obsession ⬇️


When it comes to acquiring or retaining customers, are you using all the technology and data available to make informed decisions on how to create a more proactive CX strategy? 


Outside of the usual support metrics from tickets and QA, it’s important to cast your net wider when it comes to data points. Start internally by collaborating with your marketing team. They will have great insight into customer engagement or promotions that your team can capitalize on. This can unlock the potential to create proactive support solutions.


What are your customers' obstacles throughout their journey with your brand? Be like Joe and remove any obstacle that stands in their way of achieving an FCR, satisfaction, or loyalty with your brand.

Quote from Netflix's You

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What Would You Do to Keep Customers Coming Back For More? 

We know that you're as obsessed with customers as we are, so we gathered 4 pro tips on how to execute a customer-obsessed approach to support inspired by Joe himself.


1. Be Obsessed With Your Customers' Experience

Joe Goldberg Dancing

Providing an omnichannel experience is non-negotiable for brands that want to thrive in 2022. If you haven’t started expanding your omnichannel features and options, now is the time. 


Brands that invest in creating consistent omnichannel experiences are not only opening doors for new customers but are also building loyalty with their existing customers. Those with omnichannel strategies see 91% higher YoY retention rates compared to brands that don’t. 


Make it easy for customers to browse your website, place orders, find information, and contact your support team across all devices and channels


2. Personalization So Good, It’ll Have Them Saying I Wolf You 


More automation in customer service doesn’t mean less personalization. Leveraging AI automation that aligns with your brand enables you to provide more personalized experiences at scale.

"I wolf you" from Netflix's You

The more personalized a service interaction is, the more a customer feels cared for. When trained, AI is capable of retaining knowledge and utilizing it to tailor responses that are personal and relevant to each individual customer. 

Learn more about how AI automation can offer more individualized service here.


3. Follow Your Customers On Their Journey


A true customer experience lasts through the whole journey, not just the single steps customers take.

"Are you following me" GIF from Netflix's You

Where can marketing and support collaborate more to create a seamless buying experience both pre and post-purchase?


The perfect loyalty loop begins and ends with marketing in the front and support in the back. During each stage of the customer journey ask yourself:


🧢 What are customers trying to accomplish at each stage of their experience?

🧢 Do customer goals evolve as the journey progresses?

🧢 What gaps can be filled by support?


Lastly, make sure to check in on customers after a purchase. Are they happy? Great. Tell them about your loyalty program and send them a link to your social handles. Not happy? Start the conversation on how to make things right and demonstrate your brand's resilience in making sure every experience is a great one.



4 Things Joe Taught Us Not To Do When It Comes To Customer Obsession


There are SEVERAL things Joe taught us not to do both professionally and personally. When it comes to customer obsession, here are some of his traits that really miss the mark:


1. Joe Thinks He Knows What’s Best All the Time.

As a CX leader, you must push yourself to see experiences as your customer does, not the way you *think* they see it. There will always be forces outside your control like social media and other outlets that your customers vet before coming to you. 


Take a data-driven Voice of Customer (VoC) approach to capture customers’ needs, expectations, and preferences. Give your customers a voice through surveys and other direct forms of communication to find out what a great experience looks like to them. You can also collect trending VoC data in real time with the right business intelligence tool. With actionable insights, you can identify parts of the customer experience that are causing difficulties and improve the overall CX.


2. Joe Never Takes Responsibility for His Actions. 

Joe Goldberg

In customer support, we must take responsibility when a customer hits a snag anywhere throughout their experience. Mistakes happen and things can go awry, but how your brand handles these situations can make or break customer loyalty. 


Don’t be like Joe; take accountability. An apology and empathy go a long way. You may also consider offering compensation to customers to help make things right - such as 15% off their next purchase.


3. Joe Is Not Transparent. 

Joe Goldberg hiding

Salesforce found that 4 in 5 consumers want more transparency over how their personal information is used. What’s even more interesting is that 82% of customers agreed that a company’s trustworthiness matters more than it did a year ago.


Be transparent about the challenges and opportunities in all aspects of CX--from shipping times to the use of personal data. Honesty is always and will always be the best policy. 


4. Once Joe Conquers Someone, He Loses Interest.

"I want a divorce" quote from Netflix's You

Since 2015, the cost of acquiring new customers has increased by 60%. Reducing and working to prevent customer churn is crucial for brand success. So what can you do to retain customers after you acquire them?


Foster the brand-customer relationship by providing exceptional and personalized experiences. 96% of consumers say the quality of a brand’s customer service determines their brand loyalty, so prioritizing service experiences is a must for companies that want to prevent churn and get ahead of the competition. 


In the words of Joe, "the real tragedy would be not appreciating what you have." Show your customers you care by continuing to deliver high-quality customer-centric support. When they're treated like a VIP, they're more likely to come back to your business time and time again. 


Don't leave any customers behind; leveraging an AI automation solution can help you to deliver customer-centric experiences at scale. Learn more here



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Crystal Romero | Director of Content

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