Thankful's New ChatGPT Integration: Generative AI for Customer Service

McKay Borbon | Content Marketing Manager

“This breakthrough is going to transform customer service.”


Thankful’s CEO and co-founder, Ted Mico, is referring to none other than ChatGPT; the generative AI chatbot that has gone viral since OpenAI launched it in November 2022. From personal entertainment to business applications, people are experimenting with different ways of using the technology.


Like many others in the CX world, Thankful recognizes the benefits of using ChatGPT for customer service; speed, efficiency, and more empathetic responses, to name a few. But as a demo, the generative AI model has not been ready or safe for business use… until now! 


Thankful is leading way; our team of engineers successfully integrated ChatGPT with FlowsNext, our no-code experience builder, to establish a business-safe framework that puts brands in control. 


The integration interlaces Thankful’s AI models built specifically for ecommerce customer service with OpenAI’s new large language models. This vertical-specific approach is championed OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, and elevates the quality of service experiences.


First-of-its-kind technology 

Trained on 1 million support tickets (and counting!), Thankful’s state-of-the-art AI models are built for retail and ecommerce customer service. As a result, it has a nuanced understanding of what customers want, the context of their requests, and how to help them. It provides a true advantage by better equipping retail and ecommerce brands to deliver more accurate and individualized support. This makes Thankful the first customer support technology to blend generative AI with vertical-specific knowledge. 


This integration with ChatGPT further enhances the way Thankful interacts with customers. Conversations are even more personal and empathetic, as well as contextually relevant - but not at the expense of accuracy and brand policies. Here’s an example in action:


TF+GPT 800x550

In this example, Thankful leverages the power of generative AI to retrieve customer information, track their order and provide a light-hearted brand-aligned response.

Thankful + ChatGPT take your tech stack to the next level

Customer service organizations can now unlock the empathetic and personal responses ChatGPT offers, while enforcing brand guidelines with Thankful’s policy controls and full suite of ecommerce integrations - ranging from helpdesks to order management systems, returns software, subscription management tools, and more. 


Many software companies are using generative AI to make response suggestions to human agents. It’s a helpful use case, but Thankful has the capability to take things to a new level.


 In addition to actually responding directly to and engaging with customers, Thankful can take action and perform over 50 of the most common customer service tasks. “With our FlowsNext infrastructure”, our CTO and co-founder, Evan Tann, explains, “we give ChatGPT the tools it needs to retrieve information from backend systems, make changes to orders, and reply to customers with empathy while still perfectly enforcing policies using the brand’s voice”. 


By fully resolving high volumes of repetitive tickets, Thankful helps brands increase operational efficiency and scale their support while simultaneously freeing up and empowering human agents to focus on more particular inquiries. 


Together, Thankful and ChatGPT help retail and ecommerce companies deliver high-quality support that meets both brand standards and customers’ needs. 


What’s next?

Right now, Thankful is leveraging generative AI to rephrase replies, questions, and internal notes. The Thankful and ChatGPT integration also offers the following capabilities:


ChatGPT-powered sentiment, urgency, and effort scores

Gain a better understanding of and more insight into how your customers are feeling and why. In addition to accurately scoring customers’ sentiment, urgency, and effort, Thankful includes both cause and reasons for the sentiment. Examples of causes include product, policy, process, or personal. Reasons could pertain to something such as a “short return window” or even something product-specific like difficult assembly. 


Data filtering actions

Thankful intelligently filters things (e.g. subscriptions, multiple order, etc.) based on what a customer says. It will ask questions until it narrows the order or subscription down to a single item. ChatGPT can be leveraged to understand customers’ responses, if your team opts into using it.


ChatGPT-powered topic detection

Looking for something? Keyword detection is helpful, but only when it comes to finding a specific keyword. With Thankful, your team can identify words and conversations based on topics. 


So, what would this look like in practice? 


By saying “R-rated language” it will identify bad words, or “bad weather” would identify a conversation where the customer is discussing storms. But this is just the beginning! We will be releasing more use cases weekly, continuing to provide brands with more ways to tap into the power of generative AI in a way that is safe and secure, drives customer satisfaction, and helps support teams achieve their goals.




Want to add generative AI to your customer service tech stack? 

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McKay Borbon | Content Marketing Manager

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