Thankful and Zendesk Launch Partnership with Sunshine Conversations Integration

McKay Borbon | Content Marketing Manager


Thankful and Zendesk are partnering so businesses can leverage the best of AI through the largest help desk with Sunshine Conversations; delivering personalized customer-centric service across all written channels at scale, while simultaneously reducing operation costs.


Today’s customers expect consistent, personalized, and quick service across all communication channels. While social messaging has made it easier to connect with customers, it compounds the challenges of omnichannel support. With the right tools, you can deliver seamless customer-centric service at scale, no matter what channel customers are contacting you on. 



Omnichannel Made Easy

Say goodbye to scattered conversations and lack of customer context! The Thankful and Zendesk Sunshine Conversation integration takes the complication out of omnichannel support and enables you to maintain customer context and deliver personalized conversations across all channels, at scale. No matter how a customer chooses to contact you, Thankful’s AI and Zendesk Sunshine Conversations ensure they will have a seamless experience. 


Increase Productivity and Lower Operational Costs 

While human agents have a ticket capacity, AI automation does not. In fact, AI’s performance will strengthen as it collects more data. It also can handle more tickets in a shorter time period, work 24/7, withstand ticket influxes, and handle routine issues with consistency and ease - allowing you to scale without taking on the costs over overtime and seasonal staffing. 


Automating repetitive transactional customer service tasks alleviates some of the pressure and repetitive strain that human agents face. This helps to decrease employee burnout and the high costs associated with churn and training new hires. AI automation also gives agents the ability to put their time and energy towards higher-value customer queries. Zendesk Sunshine Conversations’ provides a platform that empowers agents to deliver more meaningful service experiences that build customer loyalty and drive revenue. 


Deliver Experiences That Are As Unique As Your Customers, At Scale

Even during hypergrowth and spikes in ticket volume, AI automation enables you to deliver personalized experiences at scale. Thankful uses best-in-class natural language processing to better understand what your customers want then provides tailored responses and takes care of each customers’ individual needs. 

How It Works

Thankful seamlessly integrates with Zendesk Sunshine Conversations to power human-like automation on every channel. With the ability to understand, respond to, and resolve over 50+ common customer requests, Thankful’s AI delivers personalized and brand-aligned service at scale. 


Thankful + Zendesk SunCo Blog Character

Zendesk Sunshine Conversations’ platform presents a unified customer profile across every messaging channel and the entire history of every ongoing customer conversation, including anything handled by Thankful. This gives your agents complete customer context and allows them to pick up conversations right where they left off, ensuring smooth transitions so your customers will never have to repeat themselves.  


Once deployed, Thankful acts as an extension of your team within Zendesk Sunshine Conversations. Every interaction is logged within each customer’s ongoing conversation history. Thankful also participates in measurements and analytics the same as a human agent, adding to the collated data. 


If you would like to get started with Thankful you can begin a conversation with Thankful here.


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McKay Borbon | Content Marketing Manager

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