Transform Your Customer Service With Intelligent Automation

McKay Borbon | Content Marketing Manager

Thankful and Kustomer are joining forces so you can leverage the best of AI automation through a unified CX helpdesk to deliver personalized and effortless customer service.

The standards for great customer service are higher than ever. To keep customers satisfied, businesses need to be providing quick, easy, and personalized service across all channels. Implementing the right tools can ensure your support team is equipped to meet your customer’s ever-rising service expectations.


Transform Your Customer Service With Intelligent Automation

Speed Up Your Service

AI automation delivers responses and resolutions in a matter of minutes; providing customers with quick service and reducing your agents’ workload. With the capacity to handle massive ticket volumes, Thankful’s AI agent scales alongside your business and helps to keep customer wait times low even when your business is experiencing a surge of incoming tickets. 


Increase Agent Productivity 

With Thankful handling large volumes of tickets within Kustomer, your human agents are freed from repetitive transactional tasks and the strain that comes along with it. They now have greater bandwidth and more time to invest in what they do best; building relationships, boosting brand loyalty, and driving revenue.


Deliver Personalized Service At Scale

Even during hypergrowth and spikes in ticket volume, AI automation enables you to deliver personalized experiences at scale. Using best-in-class natural language processing, Thankful better understands what your customers want then provides responses and resolutions that are truly tailored to each customer’s specific needs. 


How It Works

Thankful’s deep integration with Kustomer allows you to use AI automation across all text channels. Operating inside the helpdesk exactly like a human agent does, Thankful’s AI Agent replies to tickets, routing, adding tags and disposition, merging tickets, participating in measurement and analytics, plus gathering additional information to help support your other agents. 

Once deployed, Thankful acts as an extension of your team within Kustomer. Every interaction is directly captured by Kustomer, providing a unified view of the entire customer journey that enhances efficiency and enables your agents to deliver seamless support.




If you would like to get started with Thankful, you can begin a conversation here.


If you would like to get started with Kustomer, you can begin a conversation here.



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McKay Borbon | Content Marketing Manager

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