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Thankful and Gladly In Action: Partner Spotlight Demo

Product Spotlight Demo

Customers choose brands that are easy to do business with. Align your service experience to the way today’s consumers think and behave by equipping your company with the right tools to resolve issues quickly, engage seamlessly across channels, and problem solve across the entire customer experience.

With Thankful and Gladly's integration, you can leverage the best of AI automation to handle repetitive, transactional customer requests and deliver radically personalized customer experiences. 

“We love the combination of Gladly and Thankful. We’ve experienced major gains in efficiency, conversations are resolved faster with less effort! We estimate automation has saved our team over 60 hours per week and expect to see that number continue to grow.”

Free Up Your Heroes to Do What They Do Best

Unlike traditional bot services, Thankful’s AI automation provides human-like service that will have your customers thinking it's a human on the other end. It can resolve over 50+ common customer requests, freeing up your agents to focus on high-value interactions and deliver radically personal customer service experiences. Gladly’s customer service platform provides agents a complete view of the customer, including past and present conversations. This lifetime view of the customer's conversation includes anything handled by Thankful, allowing your agents to seamlessly pick the conversation up right where it left off. Your customers will never have to recap or repeat themselves. With the help of AI automation, your agents are able to focus on building relationships, boosting brand loyalty, and driving revenue within the contact center.

Radically Scale Your Ability to Support More with Less

Freeing up service heroes to focus on high-value customer interactions such as finalizing a sale or de-escalating customer frustration is just the tip of the iceberg. Incorporating AI automation into your customer service experience results in an increased ability to support more inbound customer requests while also reducing wait times. With around-the-clock AI automation support, you're able to help your customers resolve common inquiries at any time of the day, seven days a week, allowing your agents to quickly address the more complex and pressing issues faster than ever before.

Expand Your Ability Handle Spikes and Seasonal Support

Scaling your customer service capacity through automation not only helps your team do more with less, but it also prepares your team for the turbulent, unforeseen events that occur daily and seasonally within the contact center. While you're doing your best to staff the contact center to meet the demands of your customers, sometimes it’s not enough to manage a large influx in inbound inquiries due to an unexpected product defect or a better-than-expected appetite for your newest promotion. Leveraging AI automation to mitigate these spikes or even help with seasonal support needs provides your contact center more elasticity to ensure you're always prepared for anything without the costs associated with overstaffing or seasonal hires.

See How it Works

Want to see the powerful capabilities of Thankful's direct integration with Gladly for yourself? Watch our Partner Spotlight Demo. 

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