Service Shouldn’t Succ

McKay Borbon | Content Marketing Manager

To put it plainly, customer service shouldn’t suck. It’s not a radical idea by any means, but more often than not today’s service experiences just aren’t cutting it. 


Here at Thankful, when we say customer service doesn’t have to suck, we actually mean it! We’re proud to be helping over 50 companies deliver exceptional support - taking CX from sucky to sophisticated. 


Service Shouldn’t Succ! 🌵 (Get it!?)

Last week we held our Service Shouldn’t Succ event to show appreciation for our clients, partners, and vendors. The virtual succulent terrarium-building workshop was led by Sarah from Garden Streets, an incredible woman and minority-owned business. 


Sarah brought the succulent tips, so we're bringing the CX advice! Here are 5 quick #ThankfulTips to make service suck less:


1. Make service simple: 77% of consumers say high-effort service experiences detract from their quality of life. To deliver support that doesn't suck, prioritize making CX seamless and efficient. 


2. Reduce wait times: Today's customers don't have the time or patience to wait and speak with a support rep. It's no surprise 89% of customers consider speed of response and speed of resolution the most important aspects of good service. 


3. Listen to feedback: Your customers will tell you what they need from your brand's CX. They'll also tell their social media following when your service sucks. Use their feedback as an opportunity to learn where and how your company can improve the service experience. 


4. Apply feedback: You can listen to all the feedback you want, but if you don't do anything with it then your service will continue to suck. Meet your customers' expectations and show them you care by taking action. 


5. See customers as people, not tickets: It's 2022 and personalized support is a non-negotiable! By delivering experiences that are tailored to each individual, you'll enhance the quality of support and build a stronger brand-customer relationship.


With a customer-centric approach (and the right tech 😉) your service doesn't have to suck! 


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McKay Borbon | Content Marketing Manager

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