Scale Your Subscription Business + Boost CLTV With Intelligent Automation

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Thankful and Recharge are partnering so you can leverage the best of intelligent automation with the most seamless subscription platform.

As the fastest growing area in ecommerce, subscriptions are not only changing how consumers engage with businesses but are also raising the standards for exceptional service. Customers want to feel valued, especially when they are opting into an ongoing relationship with your business. With 96% of consumers determining their brand loyalty based on the quality of a company’s service, it is crucial that you provide your customers with top-notch support. 


Leading brands, including Pura Vida Bracelets, Who Gives a Crap, Native, Ellie, Bonafide Health, Pretty Litter, and Curateur, use Thankful and Recharge to consistently deliver frictionless and personalized support - ensuring their customers feel cared for. It takes the pain out of subscription management; boosting brand loyalty and increasing sales!


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Subscription Management At Scale

High volumes of repetitive subscription management tickets are unavoidable for businesses with a subscription model, but it doesn’t have to be a point of pain! AI automation handles large quantities of routine tickets with consistency and ease. With autoscaling capabilities that allow for hyper-growth, seasonal rushes, and daily fluctuations, Thankful’s AI Agent helps to alleviate pressure on your support staff, minimize backlog buildup, and quickly resolve customer issues. 


Personalize Every Experience

Accessing customers’ subscription status, journey with your business, contact history, CLTV, and more, Thankful’s AI Agent tailors responses that are personal and relevant to each individual customer. 

Working within the customizable and retention-boosting parameters created by Recharge and set by your company, Thankful takes action to carry out customers’ requests. This ensures that each customer is taken care of based on their specific needs and personal relationship with your company. 


Boost CLTV and Overall Business Growth

Subscriptions are appealing due to their ease and convenience. If service experiences do not meet that expectation of convenience, then churn will occur. However, if a customer can count on you for quick, easy, and personalized support, they are more likely to keep their subscription with your business. And the more loyal a customer is, the more money they are likely to spend on your business and recommend you to others. High-quality service will not only boost loyalty but increase revenue and business growth.


How It Works

Engaging and communicating directly with your customers, Thankful uses best-in-class natural language processing to better understand what your customers want. Just like a human agent, Thankful takes action within Recharge to review or change subscription plan tiers, shipping dates, shipping frequency, to pause a subscription, and more based on customer requests. Thankful then personalizes interactions with each individual customer based on subscription tier, lifecycle stage, and all other available information. Capturing all metrics at scale, Thankful enables you to iterate and improve your retention practices with measurement.


If you would like to get started with Thankful, you can begin a conversation here.


Learn more about how Recharge can help you scale your subscription business here.



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McKay Borbon | Content Marketing Manager

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