Provide Painless Returns and Exchanges with Intelligent Automation

McKay Borbon | Content Marketing Manager

Thankful and Happy Returns are teaming up for a partnership so you can get the best of AI Automation with the most effective product return and exchange management software. The seamless integration enables you to deliver quick and pain-free returns at scale, boosting LTV and reducing operational costs.

Returns are a major pain point for retailers and shoppers alike; in fact, three out of four shoppers say it is the most painful part of making purchases online. Even just one negative return experience deters 87% of customers from doing business with you again. With returns and exchanges being one of the most common customer service ticket types, it is crucial that customer support teams are set up with the right tools and processes to resolve high volumes of returns quickly and efficiently.


Thankful and Happy Returns are partnering up for an out-of-the-box, native integration. Now you can add the best of AI automation to top-notch return and exchange management processes; elevating your customer service while reducing operational costs.


Provide Painless Returns and Exchanges with

Intelligent Automation


Scale The Return and Exchange Process

Leverage AI automation with Happy Returns to make returns and exchanges quick and easy for customers while simultaneously freeing up your agents. While human agents have a ticket capacity and face repetitive strain from tending to the same ticket types over and over again, AI is able to resolve large ticket quantities and handle routine issues with ease. With Thankful’s AI taking care of returns and exchanges directly in Happy Returns, your human agents can put their time and energy towards high-value service interactions.


Retain Revenue and Reduce Costs

Bring down return costs and optimize exchanges with cost-effective solutions and a one-click exchange process. Thankful initiates, updates, and reports these actions in Happy Returns; aligning with your brand every step of the way.


Raise Customer Lifetime Value

Boost loyalty and keep your customers coming back for more by providing exceptional service, pain-free returns, and easy exchanges every time. Even during hypergrowth and spikes in ticket volume, Thankful’s AI automation enables you to deliver fast and personalized experiences at scale. 


How It Works

Thankful engages and communicates directly with your customers, using best-in-class natural language processing to better understand what your customers want and tailor personalized responses. Just like your human agents, Thankful initiates, updates, and reports on returns and exchanges directly in Happy Returns. This allows you to leverage your best practices and collect metrics at scale.


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About Thankful

Thankful is the world’s most advanced AI customer service solution. Our Mission is to give every customer access to great service by giving every brand the technology to deliver it. Deep learning customer intent engine can understand, respond to, and resolve over 50 types of customer inquiries.

About Happy Returns

Happy Returns’ software and reverse logistics are the industry’s only comprehensive returns solution. Its Return Bar network of over 2500 Return Bars nationwide allows shoppers to easily exchange and return without printing, packaging, or person-to-person contact. The experience lasts under 60 seconds, and shoppers receive refunds immediately. All items bulk-ship inside eco-friendly, reusable boxes—leveraging low carrier rates and aggregated shipping for economies of scale—to regional Return Hubs, where they are sorted, dispositioned, and processed.


Customers using Happy Returns’ full offering average 20% cost savings, a 94 NPS, 50% program adoption, and up to 2X higher exchange rates. A Gartner 2020 Cool Vendor in Retail, Happy Returns guarantees 10% savings in the first year.




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McKay Borbon | Content Marketing Manager

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