How This Head of CX Cleared 100% of Ticket Backlog

McKay Borbon | Content Marketing Manager

Move over hair care and grooming - skincare is now dominating the global men’s personal care market! 


Valued at over 30.8 billion, the market for men’s personal care is rapidly growing largely due to the increased traction in men’s skincare - which accounts for nearly half of the market. While the skin health industry as a whole is booming, many brands are now focusing on male skincare due to the demand.


Established as an expert in the male skin health sector is a premier skincare brand that was created specifically for men and their skin needs. With top-tier products, highly personalized support, and subscription services, it’s no surprise this brand started surging in popularity. 


With rapid success came an increase in customer service queries and frequent spikes in ticket volume. This created a series of challenges for the Head of Customer Experience.


The Challenges

As a result of major hypergrowth, the Head of Customer Experience faced difficulty effectively scaling to meet the heightened customer demand. Quickly hiring and training support staff wasn’t feasible, especially given the brand’s high standards for service. Meanwhile, customer wait times were continuing to rise and a backlog of tickets began to build. 


The Head of Customer Experience needed a way to manage the extreme growth and frequent spikes in ticket volume while continuing to provide customers with the personalized service experiences that the brand is known for. 


The Solution

To address scaling needs, the Head of Customer Experience partnered with Thankful in late 2019. Thankful reviewed the brand’s most common tickets and created automated AI-based responses that balance speed and resolution with a great customer experience. Chat support went online in January 2020 and was expanded to email within a few months. 


When the brand underwent policy changes, the team collaborated with Thankful to rework response flows accordingly. “Their team is so willing to help out and able to implement changes quickly,” said the Head of Customer Experience.  


The Results

Thankful’s AI Agent resolves over 25% of all incoming requests, scaling right alongside the brand’s meteoric growth. The backlog of tickets was completely cleared and the time to first response has dropped by 16 hours and 54 minutes! The partnership reduces the burden of staffing and allows the brand to scale without making any major changes. 

Head-of-Customer-ExperienceThe Head of Customer Experience cites customizability as one of their favorite features of Thankful’s AI Agent. “The customizability allows us to give our customers more personalized responses while accounting for ticket fluctuations each month.”


In addition to the technology, they know they can count on Thankful’s team for support and collaboration; “Thankful feels like a partnership - which is something we don’t see very often with software vendors.”




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McKay Borbon | Content Marketing Manager

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