How TF Does Agent Assist Improve CX?

McKay Borbon | Content Marketing Manager

While you might already have answered the question of what TF an AI agent is, the next question is how to increase productivity in customer service using this technology.


Thankfully, utilizing the latest technology for customer support teams, you can assist customers with their needs, increase agent productivity, and improve support team performance with machine learning, all in one.


Let’s get started!


What TF Is Agent Assist?

As more and more companies prioritize their focus on customer service improvement strategies, it comes as no surprise that CX technologies have evolved dramatically. Today, many of the top customer service tools rely heavily on AI capabilities.


While AI in customer service is no new feat, the need for and use of AI-powered customer support tools is becoming stronger. Among those solutions is the AI-powered Agent Assist. We’ll take a quick look at what Agent Assist is and how it compares to other technologies.


So, What Is Agent Assist? 


Real-time Agent Assist technology helps agents during live customer service interactions by providing them with convenient access to information.


How TF does that work?


Well, Thankful’s Agent Assist uses best-in-class Natural Language Processing that was built from the ground up with Deep Learning from millions of customer service tickets from the world’s leading ecommerce brands. With the ability to go beyond surface-level intents to better understand each individual customer, Thankful’s AI is a big part of why Agent Assist stands out amongst agent support tool options on the market.


Working within your existing helpdesk, Agent Assist routes, tags, translates, and merges tickets. It flags alerts, surfaces customer data, detects sentiment, records data, and even suggests responses and next actions - allowing agents to more quickly resolve and close tickets. 


If you’re more of a visual learner, check out this video that explains Thankful’s Agent Assist in less than 90 seconds. 👇





Thankful’s Agent Assist is an invaluable tool for service organizations as it benefits both agents and customers. 


How Agent Assist Improves the Customer Service Experience for Your Support Team:

Agents spend a lot of time and energy looking for information in order to solve customer issues; especially if they are aiming to provide the personalized experiences today’s customers demand. This can have a negative impact on average handle time and overall customer wait times; making it a challenge for service organizations to hit their KPIs.


With the help of Agent Assist, your agents will be equipped to deliver more accurate, higher quality service resolutions… in less time! In fact, brands that use Thankful’s Agent Assist have seen:


  • 📈 43% increase in agent productivity
  • ⏰ 30% decrease in time to first resolution
  • ☑️ 44% increase in ticket resolutions


Talk about crushing KPIs! Hit KPIs with Agent Assist technology


Having convenient access to pertinent information not only saves agents time and effort but decreases low-skill tasks by 38%. This allows them to focus more on delivering meaningful support. Purposeful interactions prove to be more rewarding, which ultimately contributes to a better work experience and a 25% increase in agent satisfaction. 


It’s no wonder CX leaders and agents alike support Agent Assist technology! 


7 Ways Agent Assist Improves the Customer Service Experience:


Avoids the Annoyance of Repetition

With intelligent ticket routing and merging capabilities, customers never have to repeat themselves. Agent Assist will quickly route tickets to the right team and support your agents with previous tickets so that your customers never have to deal with the annoyance of having to repeat themselves.


Breaks Through Language Barriers

Agent Assist translates communications in over 100 languages so agents can seamlessly assist customers globally. Customer concerns will no longer be lost in translation.


Allows for Faster Service

Your agents should not have to waste their time or the customer’s time searching for information. Agent Assist sends all relevant information directly to your helpdesk so that your agents have everything they need right at their fingertips. With instant and easy access to information, they can more quickly respond to and resolve queries so customers aren’t left waiting.


Detects Sentiment and Adjusts Accordingly

Today’s customers need brands to understand how they are feeling and show that they care. Thankful’s Agent Assist’s sentiment detection helps in understanding customers’ sentiment and tone. Not only does Agent Assist accurately read and understand a customer’s sentiment, but it calibrates its suggested actions and responses accordingly.


Optimizes More Personalized Support

Customer context is surfaced and delivered to every agent via Agent Assist AI technology. This allows agents to tailor service interactions to each individual customer.


Provides the Service Needed

Agent Assist uses AI intuition to understand what customers want and provide agents with the information necessary to provide the service they need. 


Gathers and Records Valuable Data

Thankful’s Agent Assist records data in real-time; tags, dispositions, and even completing fields. Tracking this critical data is key for analyzing and understanding your support organization and overall business as a whole. 


When agents are well-informed and have the right tools, they are empowered to deliver faster and more exceptional service experiences.


Want to set your support team up for success? See Thankful's Agent Assist in action and discover what it can do for your service organization. 👇Let's Go!

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McKay Borbon | Content Marketing Manager

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