Exceed Customer Expectations With Thankful and Help Scout

Kate Maes | Partnerships + Sales Enablement Coordinator

There’s no question that customer demands are ever-evolving and constantly growing. To stay ahead, it’s critical brands build tech stacks that give high-quality service for end-users, insights into customer journeys, and support for business growth. 


That’s why Thankful and Help Scout are partnering to power customer experience and promote success for brands of all sizes and sectors.


“Bettering the customer experience is at the core of Help Scout's mission, and Thankful seamlessly provides that ease to our users with their tool. For us, it was a no-brainer to start using Thankful.”

- Pallavi Singh, Partner Development Manager, Help Scout



Meeting Customers Everywhere, 24/7

Whether a customer wants to process a return via SMS in the middle of the night or check their order status through in-app support on a holiday weekend, it is up to brands to ensure they are available to help wherever and whenever a customer is in need. The beauty of Thankful’s AI Agent is that it can manage tickets across all text-based channels and at all hours. Not only does AI Agent understand the nuance of customer queries, but it can also fully resolve over 50 types of service requests — like WISMO, subscription management, replacing a damaged item, and more. And, since Thankful’s AI is tailored to each business, the responses and actions align with companies’ specific policies and brand voice. 


Help Scout is a complete customer communication platform that helps growing businesses deliver an outstanding experience for everyone they interact with. When you sign up, you get access to a curated set of easy-to-use tools that empower your team to communicate across a variety of channels.


The platform is a breeze to set up and comes loaded with features and reporting to help teams better collaborate with each other and build stronger, more delightful customer relationships.


CX Tech That Influences Business Success

Keep your business customer-focused as it grows. Thankful and Help Scout act as an extension of your customer service team. When they work together, these two solutions can gather deep customer insights to help make informed business decisions and ensure your most valuable stakeholders feel heard and taken care of.


Better Support In No Time

It is possible to launch Thankful and Help Scout in less than 1 day. Each platform has a simple configuration with a straightforward pricing model. Plus, you can add more channels, flows, or users in the blink of an eye. Spend less time on setup, and more time assisting your customers — leave the technical stuff to us. 



How It Works

Thankful quickly and seamlessly integrates with Help Scout and gives you the ability to go live with AI automation across email, live chat, SMS, and social media in a matter of hours. Operating inside the helpdesk and connecting with existing business systems just like a human agent, Thankful AI understands, routes, tags, assists, responds to and fully resolves up to 60% of incoming queries.


Acting as an extension of your team, Thankful’s interactions are all captured and centralized by Help Scout — just like every other customer engagement. 


If you would like to get started with Thankful, you can begin a conversation here. 


If you would like to get started with Help Scout, you can begin a conversation here


Already using Help Scout and Thankful, but haven’t brought them together? Here’s how to integrate.

About Thankful

Thankful is an AI Solution dedicated to solving the post-purchase needs of customers, enabling brands to thrive in a customer-centric world by leading with service first. Trusted by the world’s leading retail brands Thankful’s AI works within every major helpdesk to route, tag, translate, identify sentiment, and fully resolve large volumes of issues across all written channels – email, chat, social, in-app, and SMS.


About Help Scout

Help Scout leads the customer support space with the most intuitive and comprehensive platform for growing businesses, designed to provide a great experience for both your customers and your support team. Growing teams don't always have huge budgets or tons of time to invest in setting up and learning a new tool. Enter Help Scout: it's sophisticated enough to cover all the bases, simple enough to get up and running quickly, and flexible enough to grow with your business over time.

Kate Maes | Partnerships + Sales Enablement Coordinator

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