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McKay Borbon | Content Marketing Manager


Thankful and RedRoute are teaming up so you can transform your CX by leveraging best-in-class AI automation across voice

and every text-based channel.


Today’s customers expect to be able to contact your support team through their preferred channel of choice, so it’s no surprise that 90% of consumers want an omnichannel experience. It makes connecting with brands easier and more efficient. But simply providing service across every channel is not enough. Customers want to receive the same level of high-quality service no matter how they contact you. 


With a successful omnichannel strategy, businesses can see up to a 91% higher YoY retention rate - which is why we are excited to bring AI-powered voice and written support together through the Thankful and RedRoute partnership! 


Cutting Edge AI Across All Channels

With best-in-class NLP (natural language processing), Thankful and RedRoute have the deep ability to understand what customers want and deliver the service they need. 


Now, with the Thankful and RedRoute partnership, brands can deliver this high-level of AI-powered support across every communication channel. Thankful works with all written channels, delivering a human-like experience and fully resolving customer issues via email, SMS, live chat, in-app, and social media. Call centers are transformed into intelligent powerhouses with RedRoute’s voice support experience. 


Radically Scale Your Support

By leveraging AI automation, brands increase their ability to support more inbound customer requests. Thankful and RedRoute’s AI can quickly handle high volumes of tickets with ease. It even has scaling capabilities for hypergrowth, seasonal spikes, and unprecedented ticket influxes, creating elasticity when it’s needed most. This alleviates pressure on your agents while simultaneously decreasing ticket queues.


Reduce Customer Wait Times

With Thankful and RedRoute providing around-the-clock service across all channels, customer wait times will decrease - and so will their frustration! They’ll feel satisfied and cared for knowing that they are able to quickly resolve their problems at any time, no matter how they choose to contact your company.


Not only does AI provide responses and resolutions in a matter of minutes, but it also reduces your agents’ workload and allows them to deliver faster service. It’s a win for all!


Enable Your Agents To Do What They Do Best

Agents have an important skill set and are critical to strengthening the brand-customer relationship, yet they spend 90% of their time repeating answers to the same questions. Doing the same task over and over again is draining for humans and it leads to repetitive strain and ultimately burnout. AI, on the other hand, can handle routine issues with consistency and ease. 


Thankful and RedRoute take on large volumes of tier-one tickets across all channels, so agents have more time and energy to focus on providing more meaningful experiences and tending to more particular service queries.


How It Works

Thankful and RedRoute deeply integrate into your existing tech stack, allowing you to use AI automation across voice, email, chat, in-app, SMS, and social. The integration process for each platform is quick and easy.


Integrating Thankful within your helpdesk can take less than 20 minutes. Once deployed, Thankful’s AI operates inside your helpdesk just like a human agent; routing, assisting, translating, and fully resolving up to 60% of incoming queries. 


RedRoute takes as little as 30 minutes to launch and produces immediate results; on average, brands automate 50% of all support calls on day one. 


When leveraging both Thankful and RedRoute, brands create a seamless flow between phone-based and text-based AI automation. Customers may start a support query on the phone that is fully automated by RedRoute, and then move to email - which would be completely taken care of by Thankful. It provides a true omnichannel experience while alleviating agents of time-consuming tier-one support tickets. 

If you would like to get started with Thankful, you can begin a conversation here. 


If you would like to get started with RedRoute, you can begin a conversation here. 




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McKay Borbon | Content Marketing Manager

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