CX in 2022: What Will Change and What Will Stay The Same

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Editor’s note: DTCx Customer Experience in 2022: What Will Change & What Will Stay The Same? to learn more. 


The ecommerce space is continuing to grow rapidly and so are consumers’ expectations. To stand out in this highly competitive landscape, businesses need to be delivering truly exceptional CX. 


Since the ecommerce industry moves quickly and expectations are always evolving, it’s crucial that brands keep on top of trends and cater to what today’s customers want. By knowing what’s next with CX, you can better position your brand to get ahead. 


When it comes to the year up ahead, how will customer experience in ecommerce change, and what practices will stay the same? These are the key CX trends for 2022. 


A Look at Ecommerce CX in 2022


What will change?

These two strategies will be shaping CX this year. 


Greater Focus on Agent Satisfaction

Placing a priority on mental health in the workplace is long overdue. Now, two years into a global pandemic that triggered a great resignation, businesses are finally starting to address the well-being of their employees. 


The customer service industry could be the poster child for burnout in the workplace. Prior to COVID-19, the customer service industry churn rate was more than twice the national average and over half of customer service employees felt burnout on a daily basis. Since then, retail turnover rates have spiked to 60%. This accumulates to a loss of over 230 million days of productivity and $19 billion in recruiting, hiring, and training costs.Ecommerce CX in 2022

To prevent burnout and retain top talent, leading brands are turning conversations about mental health into actions. From mental health coverage to leadership trainings and establishing a flexible work environment, there are a number of ways to support agents’ well-being. More service organizations will be leveraging tools to alleviate pressure on agents and improve the quality of their day-to-day life. Technology like AI automation and Agent Assist can free agents from repetitive strain, save them time and effort, and reduce stress. It enables them to focus on providing more meaningful experiences, which is what they do best.


Customer Service as a Marketing Strategy


Did you know that 65% of customers say that great experiences are more influential than advertising? Needless to say, the experience customers have with your brand sticks - both with them and everyone in their network. After a single positive experience, 77% of customers would recommend a brand to a friend. And thanks to the digital transformation and social media, your customers’ experiences spread farther and wider than ever before. 


Within seconds, a customer can share a negative or positive experience via social media and reach hundreds or even millions of followers and friends. Not only is the power of word-of-mouth advertising expanding, but brands with the best customer service are known for it and attract even more customers. 55% of consumers become a customer of a company because of their reputation for delivering great service



In 2022, we will not only see more brands using customer service as a marketing strategy to attract new customers, but also to retain customers. Word of mouth advertising and a strong brand reputation can’t happen on its own. Loyal customers are essential to the growth and longevity of a brand. They’re likely to spend more money and advocate for your brand - but only if you’re delivering the best ecommerce experiences!


What will stay the same?

Some digital customer experience trends come and go, but these two are here to stay. 

CX Ecommerce Trends in 2022

Prioritizing Personalization 

It’s 2022; if your online customer experiences aren’t personalized, you need to get with the times! The days where personalization was the cherry on top of an ecommerce experience are long gone. Today, customers expect you to know who they are and their history with your brand. 


Customers have more companies vying for their attention than ever before. In order to stay competitive in 2022, personalized experiences must be a primary focus. Each interaction between a brand and customer should be tailored to that individual. 


To achieve the level of personalization that consumers demand, brands are turning to technology that remembers everything about each customer and their relationship and history with the brand. Helpdesks with unified views of customer profiles to Agent Assist, and well-trained AI automation can enable companies to provided individualized service at scale.

AI Acceleration 

Customer service is the number one application of AI being deployed today. Needless to say, AI-powered CX is on the rise - but it’s not slowing down anytime soon. In fact, by 2025, 95% of customer service interactions will be supported by AI. 


Today, CX professionals are citing the implementation of AI as critical for customer support and overall business success. Brands that use AI are able to further scale their digital customer service without sacrificing quality. It allows companies to grow exponentially while continuing to deliver the level of service customers expect. 


It’s not just CX professionals that are backing the greater adoption of AI in customer service. 82% of consumers desire maintenance or expansion of AI-powered service solutions. To keep up with the competition and meet customer expectations, more companies will be adding AI into their tech stack.


Customer experience is critical to ecommerce success, especially as competition increases. With a customer-centric approach and the right technology, your brand can be better equipped to deliver service experiences that meet your customers’ needs.  

For more insight on how to improve customer experience in ecommerce this year, watch DTCx Customer Experience in 2022: What Will Change & What Will Stay The Same?




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