Build Customer Relationships With Service Powered By AI Automation

McKay Borbon | Content Marketing Manager

Thankful and Dixa are partnering so you can leverage the best of AI automation through a customer service platform that helps you prioritize what your customers really want. 


Customer service plays a bigger role in business success than ever before. In fact, 96% of customers say the quality of a company’s service is what determines their brand loyalty. With customer expectations on the rise, meeting those standards for high-quality support is a challenge. But with the right tech stack, your support team can be equipped to deliver service that satisfies customers’ needs and builds loyalty.


That is why we could not be more excited to officially announce our Thankful and Dixa partnership


- Maurits Pieper , Dixa Partnerships Manager


Personalized Support at Scale

Leveraging Thankful’s AI Agent within Dixa allows for autoscaling capabilities for hypergrowth, seasonal rushes, and daily fluctuations. Creating elasticity when it’s needed most, Thankful allows businesses to continue to deliver high-quality support during rapid and unprecedented spikes in ticket volume. 


More automation doesn’t have to mean less personalization. With best-in-class natural language processing, Thankful can better understand what customers want and deliver personalized service interactions at scale. Capable of detecting sentiment and trained to never forget a customer or their history with your business, Thankful creates truly individual service experiences that strengthen the brand-customer relationship. 


Deliver a Unified Experience

Thankful and Dixa engage with customers across email, chat, in-app, and social. By providing an omnichannel experience, customers have the freedom to choose how they want to connect with your brand.


With one timeline for all customer conversations, Dixa’s platform helps support teams to unify and manage end-to-end experiences. Agents are able to provide more consistent and seamless support. 


Empower Your Agents  

Fully resolving large volumes of tickets, Thankful’s AI Agent reduces your agents’ workload and frees them from tending to repetitive transactional tasks. Thankful’s Agent Assist also saves your support team time and effort by delivering AI intuition to your agents within Dixa. Collating all relevant information and even suggesting next responses, Agent Assist keep agents informed and empowers them to provide quicker and more efficient resolutions. With greater bandwidth, agents can focus on what they do best; building meaningful relationships with customers and boosting loyalty. 


How It Works

Thankful’s deep integration with Dixa allows you to use AI automation across email, chat, in-app, and social. Operating inside the helpdesk just like a human agent, Thankful’s AI Agent routes, assists, translates, and fully resolves large volumes of tickets. 


Once deployed, Thankful acts as an extension of your team within Dixa. Every interaction is directly captured by Dixa, providing a unified view of the entire customer journey. This empowers your support team to deliver more efficient and consistent service experiences. 


If you would like to get started with Thankful, you can begin a conversation here. 


If you would like to get started with Dixa, you can begin a conversation here.




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McKay Borbon | Content Marketing Manager

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