We Are Thankful

  • Our Mission

    To give every customer access to great service by giving every brand the technology to deliver it.

  • Our DNA

    Is the foundation of everything we do. We believe in better living through service and better service through technology.

  • Our Mantra

    Let technology do what technology does best, so humans can do what they do best.

Our Story

In our lifetime, each of us spend an average of 43 days on hold with customer service. Ted Mico was paying a portion of his due time in 2016; enduring a torturous two weeks of nonstop negative service experiences. While recounting his frustrations to Evan Tann, Ted declared that there had to be a better way- a better technology- to provide better service experiences… Thus, our mission was born.

Founded by Ted and Evan through the belief in better living through service and better service through technology, Thankful puts service first.

Our Office

We’re located just steps from Venice beach, where software meets the sand.

Our Team

Elite AI engineers team up with customer service experts to advance innovative technology and take customer experience to the next level.

Meet the Team

Our Core Values

  • Be Positive

  • Be Hungry

  • Be of Service

  • Be Thankful

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