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The Only AI agent loved by end-customers because it’s designed for end-customers


Create better customer relationships through exceptional service

Thankful turns daily problems into lifetime value. Our superior AI better understands what customers want and delivers the answers they need, establishing lasting relationships through better service. The AI Agent works within your helpdesk just like a human agent - routing, tagging, and resolving large volumes of tickets. It’s trained and fully managed by us, specifically for your business.

Watch it work for your customers before you pay

You’re in great company

Thankful is trusted to power intelligent automation for businesses that lead the world in customer service.

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“Thankful consistently exceeds my expectations; not just the performance of the product but also the team behind the technology and account support. It enables my team to focus their effort on the most challenging service concerns, which has been a game changer for us - especially during peak seasons. I’ve lost track of the number of recommendations for Thankful I’ve made to my peers and I’ve yet to hear anyone disappointed with the results.”

- Mike Vroom, Sr. Director of Customer Service

“Even when there are huge spikes in demand, Thankful enables us to optimize our service and deliver high quality support. It alleviates pressure from our support team and keeps our customers happy; boosting more than just our bottom line. Knowing our customers are taken care of allows us to really focus on our mission of giving back."

- Paul Goodman, CFO and co-founder

“We assumed our processes were too complex and our demands too high for any software to work for us. Thankful is the only technology that is able to achieve and surpass the high standards of quality we, and our customer, have for us.”

- Ro Nattiv, Director of Customer Experience

“Helping people love how they live in moments that matter.”

- Crate and Barrel

"Ralph Lauren Corporation is a global leader in the design, marketing and distribution of premium lifestyle products."

- Ralph Lauren

“FabFitFun is a lifestyle membership that inspires women to lead happier, healthier lives through product and brand discovery.”

- Fab Fit Fun

“A beauty brand created for the creators. For the dreamers. For those looking for killer makeup without killing their wallet.”

See why brands that last put Thankful service first

Transform your customer service so service can transform your company

Thankful’s mission is to give every customer access to great service by giving every company the technology to deliver it. With Thankful on call 24/7/365, businesses can scale and increase customer satisfaction without spiralling costs. Hypergrowth, spikes in demand, seasonality – Thankful can help handle it all. Let technology do what technology does best so your humans can do what they do best – with Thankful on the team, human support staff can spend their time with other customers.

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Support For Every Part of Your Service

Thankful engages and enhances your entire customer service ecosystem.

Agent Assist

Thankful’s Agent Assist delivers AI intuition for your human support staff, saving them time and effort by collating all the relevant information and even suggesting responses and next actions.

Thankful Thankful

AI Agent

Trained by in-house specialists with millions of data points, Thankful achieves a level of nuanced understanding that is not possible with self-trained or brand-trained systems, enabling it to fully resolve a significant percentage of customer queries without human support. Thankful’s AI Agent can handle even the most complex policies, processes, and procedures just as a human agent would.

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With real-time data, reports and alerts, from the voice of the customer, every customer problem becomes an opportunity for the brand to improve the customer experience. Our data tool can help unlock CSAT trends, operational issues, fraud alerts, and more. Now you can A/B test every policy and process assumption before it’s set in stone.

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Get a service snapshot with a 15-minute integration with your helpdesk

Service everywhere:
Be where your customers
want to be.

The #1 Choice for email support

Go beyond chatbot. Thankful offers true multichannel support so you can meet customers anywhere they want to communicate - chat, social media, SMS, and the most popular customer service channel of all – email.


Get Personal

Thankful’s intelligent automation means personalization. Engagements dynamically change according to customer sentiment, geography, products, lifetime value, service history, and dozens more parameters - making Thankful the first step in true conversational commerce.

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Thankful + dozens more out of the box and custom integrations

Native integration with your helpdesk

Thankful is natively integrated with your existing helpdesk and business systems so there's nothing new to learn to get great results. Deploy Thankful quickly and easily on platforms your support teams already work with.


Enterprise-Grade Systems

Thankful offers multi-region & multi-brand support. With data safety as our primary concern, Thankful has advanced security protocols in place and is in the process of being SOC 2 certified. Thankful offers multi-factor authentication, auditable security logs, visibility into team password strength, data anonymization, and short data retention windows.