Thankful - Your Customer Success Agent
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Next-generation customer success

Help is on its way!

Improve customer satisfaction and dramatically lower costs with world-class customer service automation.
Faster time to resolution
Better time to first response
Increased CSAT
Help that's always there

Say "Hello" to Thankful

Thankful is an A.I. Agent that resolves 30-50% of your inbound queries -- the repetitive tasks -- leaving your agents more time to solve difficult and interesting issues.

Thankful works directly in your helpdesk and sees tickets as they arrive. Just like your agents, if Thankful knows how to handle a ticket, it begins a conversation where it collects information, looks up customer records, enforces business rules before replying in your brand voice.

We built A.I. to solve the top 30 issues for eCommerce customer service

Upgrade subscription
Track order
Sizing questions
Change discount code
Cancel order
Shipping questions
Missing package
Inventory questions
Repair item
Change order
And a whole lot more...

Your agents are good.

With Thankful they're great.

Thankful works alongside your customer service reps to automate repetitive tasks. Your same team, with Thankful's help, can handle 30% more tickets every day. Thankful helps companies scale without needing to hire as many people and removes stress year-round, especially during business-critical times like Black Friday.

Smart Automation
Seamless Handoffs

4 Easy Steps to Deploy



Thankful integrates into your helpdesk + eCommerce platform in just 15 minutes.



Thankful learns in the background, and you provide scripts Thankful will use, just like an agent.



We show you Thankful's cost savings for your business based on your tickets.



Thankful goes live and starts replying to your customers 24/7 in 100+ languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you charge?

We charge per resolution, so you only pay when Thankful automates a ticket, saving you money completes every step in a script or when Thankful asks the customer a question, and the customer doesn't reply within 7 days.

What's a resolution?

Thankful considers a ticket resolved when Thankful completes every step in a script or when Thankful asks the customer a question, and the customer doesn't reply within 7 days.

What helpdesks does Thankful support?

Thankful integrates into Zendesk, Freshdesk, Help Scout, and Kustomer. If you're using a different helpdesk, contact us, since we add new helpdesks all the time.

What eCommerce platforms does Thankful support?

Thankful integrates with all eCommerce platforms, including custom solutions. For common platforms like Shopify, Magento, and Spree the integration takes just minutes.

What if I don't have a helpdesk?

Thankful integrates through helpdesks to automate your tickets. If you don't use a helpdesk, then Thankful's probably not a great fit for you.

What if Thankful can't handle a ticket?

Thankful understands the customer's need from their original request and engages only if it knows it can resolve the customer's need, ensuring a great experience for all customers.

Can't find the answer? Don't panic! Our support team will help you.