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Trusted to power service for the fastest-growing brands

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Experts in the
Human Science of Customer Service

Welcome to the new SAAS —
Service as a Software. Sitting inside your
existing helpdesk just like any other agent,
Thankful is the brains that govern text-based
CS communication between brand and
customer. With Thankful’s AI agent resolving
all the transactional CS issues, your human
agents can spend more time on higher value
customer interactions.

We assumed our processes weretoo complex and our demands too high for any software to work for us. Thankful is the only technology that is able to achieve and surpass the high standards of quality we, and our customers, have for us.

Ro Nattiv, Sr. Customer Experience Manager

Thankful fully resolves requests with
such expertise that customers believe
they’re interacting with a human.

Kevin’s Problem: Cancel Subscription

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Dara’s Problem: Track Order

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Jonathan’s Problem: Cancel Order

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Improve CX with
actionable CS data

Through their problems, customers are telling you everything you need to know to improve its process, product, people, price or policy. Thankful unlocks these insights and makes this post-buy voice of the customer data actionable.

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We also build custom integrations!

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