Thankful - Your Customer Success Agent

Customer Service,

It takes a lot to acquire a customer. It takes even more to keep them happy. Introducing the first-ever fully automated A.I. customer support system.

Powering the fastest-growing ecommerce brands

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The Most Advanced Operating System for Ecommerce Customer Service

Thankful combines speed, understanding and expertise to independently resolve up to 60% of all customer email, SMS, and chat.

We increase CSAT and reduce costs

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Customers Won't Wait for Great Service

Helpdesk tickets resolved
Increased CSAT
Reduced resolution time
Improved SLA compliance
Processed tickets

Thankful is the Future of ServiceTech

Thankful Solves

Solve customer queries about returns, exchanges, order tracking, subscription management, and 25 more complex actions with such proficiency end-users believe they're interacting with a human agent.

Thankful Enables

Enable human agents to move from repetitive, transactional customer contacts to building rapport with your customers and offering higher value customer integrations.

Thankful Scales

Scale responses and continuous improvement with the demands of holidays and hypergrowth, without spiraling costs and the burden of hiring and managing offshore teams.

Thankful Connects

Achieve all this with rapid deployment that's easy to use. Thankful seamlessly integrates with all major helpdesks and ecommerce platforms. There's no new tech to learn or training needed, so you can get started in minutes.